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Conversation Starters for Supporting Children’s Mental Healthhere


Birmingham Educational Psychology Service Helpline for Parents & Carers

Free Mental Health Support by the government through its Innovate UK program – Innovate UK has commissioned WYSA, the world’s leading mental health AI chatbot, to create a bespoke support package for teenagers.
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Pause Mental Health Service:

Pastoral Team

Deputy Headteacher Care, Support and Guidance: Ms L Maginnis

Head of Year 7: Miss M Meredith
Head of Year 8: Mr M Brown
Head of Year 9: Mr B Hardy
Head of Year 10: Ms L Chadwick
Head of Year 11: Mr M Johnson
Pastoral and Academic Support Officer KS3/KS4: Miss L Orr

Head of Year 12: Mrs J Parker-Hall
Head of Year 13: Mr C Revitt
Pastoral and Academic Support Officer Sixth Form: Mrs K Scott Thompson

Form Tutors

Wellbeing Award for School Processes

Emotional Resilience Wellbeing Evening Resources – Thursday 6th June 2019

The next Emotional Resilience Wellbeing Evening is on Thursday 4th June 2020.