Uniform– Key Stage 3 and 4

We want our students to be smart at all times. The uniform identifies them to the school and they are therefore our ambassadors. (School uniform information is also listed in the student handbooks.)
Our suppliers work very closely with the school and understand our requirements; they are the only stockists of the school blouse.
No other suppliers stock our uniform.

COVID-19 Opening Arrangements
All of our suppliers are currently operating an appointment system, please see their websites for full details. Uniform items can also be also purchased online from their websites.
Additionally, Early Years have provided this information for parents.

Clive Mark School Wear

Website: http://www.clivemark.co.uk/

38-40 Poplar Road
King’s Heath, B14 7AD
Tel: 0121 444 7623

Early Years Schoolwear

Website: www.earlyyearsschoolwear.com/

407 – 411 Stratford Road
West Midlands
B90 4AA
Tel: 0121 733 1456

Midland Schoolwear

Website: www.midlandschoolwear.co.uk

Shop 9, 1160 Warwick Road
Acocks Green
B27 6BP
Tel: 0121 707 2033

Indoor Wear

These must be pleated, knee length or just below, navy skirt with a school logo on the waistband and purchased from our suppliers.

Plain navy blue trousers purchased from our suppliers can be worn. Please do not purchase from other sources.

These are fitted blouses in pale blue with revere and a school badge. They are designed to be worn outside the skirt or trousers. Clive Marks and Early Years are the only suppliers of this style which does not show beneath the school jumper if worn. In cold weather T – shirts may be worn under shirts providing they are not visible.

The navy blazer is available from our stockists and has the school crest on the top pocket.

Sweatshirt/Jumper (optional)
A navy blue, long sleeved, V-necked sweater, with the school badge may be worn. This may be in sweatshirt material or a knitted version.

Shoes and socks
Shoes must be plain black, brown or navy blue and the heel height should not exceed four centimetres. Shoes must give adequate support to cope with the movement around school and should be leather or leather effect and not canvas. Boots or ankle boots of any sort are not allowed. Some girls develop podiatry problems and footwear has to be adapted. Should this happen please supply a covering letter from the doctor.

Socks or tights must be worn. Socks must be navy or black ankle or knee length; tights must be plain flesh coloured, navy or black.  No patterns please.

In wet or snowy weather, outdoor footwear may need to be changed on arrival at school. Boots or trainers may not be worn around school.

Hair must be kept off the face and long hair must be tied back during science, technology and PE. Hair bands, ribbons or slides in plain navy may be worn.

Some students have highlights or experiment with hair dye. This is fine providing the colours are natural, i.e. brown, black, blonde or chestnut. Extremes of colour are not acceptable in school.

Many Muslim students choose to wear a headscarf. This must be plain black, white or navy. Headscarves must be securely tied especially for Science and D and T. They must be removed for P.E. lessons.

Make – up
Students in KS4 are allowed to wear discrete make–up. Nail varnish must be clear or neutral in colour.

Outdoor Wear
Coats must be plain navy or black.  A navy fleece jacket available from suppliers is another option. A scarf and hat may be worn in cold weather. A navy plastic raincoat or lightweight cagoule is useful in wet weather, or to be carried in summer. We do not accept coats or jackets that are made of denim or corduroy.

Students are only allowed to wear a watch and one pair of plain gold or silver stud earrings. We do not accept any other visible form of body piercing. Pendants of religious significance should not be in view. In the case of the Kara, it must be kept up the sleeve. Everything must be removed for P.E. lessons.

P.E. Kit (These items should replace the old kit as appropriate)

  • a navy skirt. This combines the skirt and the shorts in one.
  • a light blue and navy games shirt with the embroidered school badge.
  • a light blue and navy concept top with the embroidered school badge.
  • navy tracksuit with the embroidered school badge.
  • navy blue hockey socks.
  • hockey or football boots. It does not matter which.
  • shin pads and gum shields must be worn in hockey.
  • white ankle or trainer socks with predominantly white trainers for other games.
  • a one-piece black swimming costume and a plain cap in any colour.
  • Navy long sleeved base layer with the school name on the sleeve (optional)

Sixth Form Dress Code

We fully expect students to adhere to the Sixth Form dress code. Students found not to be following this may be sent home to change, or alternatives sought from the school.

The dress code is one suitable for a working environment, avoiding items which are too casual. Through our dress code we aim to:

  • Encourage pride in the school
  • Support teaching and learning
  • Encourage a sense of equality and cohesion
  • Support sixth form students to act as leaders and role models for the rest of the school

Year 12

The Students in year 12 must wear:

  • A plain grey suit which must be purchased from our Uniform Suppliers comprising of a jacket and the matching trousers or skirt of the same colour and material as the jacket.
  • Any plain colour shirt, top or blouse. This must be smart and not display a large logo. It must have sleeves, short or long. Smart jewellery, scarves and accessories may be worn.
  • A School issued House-coloured lanyard and ID badge must also be worn at all times.

Year 13

The students in year 13 must wear:

  • A plain black suit with a jacket and the matching trousers, skirt of the same black as the jacket.
  • Any plain colour shirt, top or blouse may be worn. This must be smart and not display a large logo. It must have sleeves, short or long. Smart jewellery, scarves and accessories may be worn.

All sixth formers should have:

  • No visible piercings, except in the ears which are permitted.
  • Hair styles which are tidy and a natural colour.

The following for all students may not be worn:

  • Very short or very long skirts, low-cut tops, jumpers which cannot be worn beneath the suit jacket.
  • Trainers, canvas shoes, pumps, boots of a suede or snow variety such as UGG boots, Doc Marten style boots or flip flops. Trousers must not be tucked into boots.

Outdoor clothing must not be worn in school. Suit jackets must be worn at all times in the main school building.

Students engaged in practical activities (e.g. PE, Drama) may bring suitable clothing to wear for those lessons, but change back into formal clothes/shoes at the end of the lesson. In practical science and art a laboratory coat or similar is required.

Second Hand Uniform

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