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Government and Politics is offered by the History Department at A – level and will be of interest if you would like to know the answers to such questions as:

  • Has the Prime Minister got too much power?
  • Are we entering a new era of multi-party politics?
  • What does the rise of the SNP mean for the United Kingdom?
  • Are our civil liberties being eroded?
  • Should the voting system be changed?
  • What place does environmentalism have in politics?

The study of Government and Politics will help any student develop a range of analytical skills and provides excellent foundation for a range of university courses including Law. It is also good grounding from those seeking entry to the Oxford Politics, Philosophy and Economics course and the Cambridge Social and Political Science course. This course is of interest if you enjoy being actively involved in lessons, expressing your opinion in discussions, listening to a range of viewpoints and being aware of current affairs on a daily basis. The AS course helps students to understand how the British political system works by looking at elections, voting behaviour, political parties, pressure groups and Parliament. At A2 there are students who study different ideologies such as liberalism, socialism and fascism and also how ideology influences contemporary society, particularly in relation to feminism, multiculturalism, the environment and the economy.

Support for Pupils:

Textbooks for all topics Individual support when necessary Student Conferences Visit to Houses of Parliament in Year 12

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Levels taught at

Years 7-9 GCSE AS Level A Level


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