English lessons at Camp Hill give pupils a sensitive appreciation of the spoken and written word and equip them with the skills to skills to articulate themselves confidently in a variety of situations, in all walks of life.

Pupils are helped to become fluent writers who can use language with flair; confident and articulate speakers who relish debate; and perceptive and enthusiastic readers of a wide range of texts.

Within English we encourage students to work independently, taking responsibility for their own learning, and also to work effectively with others in groups of varying sizes.
We explore a rich variety of texts and other stimuli, and pupils are given opportunities to debate, discuss, create role play and use media and ICT to develop their skills and learning.
All pupils study English and English Literature at Key Stage 3 and GCSE, and cover poetry, drama, prose fiction and non-fiction. At Key Stage 5 we offer AS and A level English Literature. The Department provides many enrichment activities including: creative writing clubs, KS3 book club and debating club – with participation in local competitions. We enter girls’ work in various writing competitions with pleasing success. Some of the clubs for younger students are run by sixth form students which helps foster friendships across year groups. In addition, we endorse the importance of live theatre and run many trips to productions locally and nationally.

Levels taught at

Years 7-9 GCSE AS Level A Level


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