The study of Design Technology is important in the development of analytical skills and technical precision.

Design and Technology gives students opportunities to enhance their knowledge and understanding, using their designing and making skills to create their own quality products.

Design and Technology is a valuable practical subject. It gives students the ability to enhance their creativity, develop their understanding of different cultures, think about the wellbeing of themselves and others, their community and the wider world. Students are encouraged to take risks and in doing so become more innovative, resourceful and capable. They begin to nurture a critical understanding of how Design and Technology has an impact on daily life, their world and all environments. Students are given opportunities to analyse problems and to make informed judgements in their own designs and when evaluating other designers work.

At Camp Hill Girls students are introduced to resources that provide challenge, building on the skills and knowledge that students have already experienced. These include computer aided designing and manufacturing output devices, dedicated teaching environments and specialist staff.

As students progress through KS3, a whole new world opens up to them where they have the opportunity to experience different aspects of Design and Technology, which include: product design, food technology, electronics, resistant materials, textiles and graphics. Implicit in all of these areas is imagination and creativity. Students are given design briefs with different contexts, through which they learn to design and make products that solve relevant problems. Students soon realise that when designing and making they must consider not only their own wants, needs and values but those of others. They are taught that success may not come easily and that resilience is required to be successful. When completing the design briefs students gain and develop a broad range of subject knowledge including: computing, science, mathematics.

Key Stage 3 Design and Technology Descriptors

At KS4 students study Design and Technology through Graphic Products. They are set challenging design and make briefs by the examination board, which have to be fulfilled using and developing the skills learned in compliant materials. Students are expected to use computer aided design and manufacture high quality products that are both fit for purpose and suitable for sale in a retail outlet.

Technology students become aware of the ways in which technology is changing the home, the work place and lifestyles, and are better placed to respond to the employment needs of business and industry.

Levels taught at

Years 7-9 GCSE AS Level A Level

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