Our vision in the Art department is to equip students with innovative and imaginative ways of seeing the world around them, allowing them to express their ideas practically in an environment that promotes creative learning.

Our Art Department are delighted to announce the selection of one of our Year 12 students for the Royal Academy A level online Exhibition shortlist. Fife Akinosi’s painting ‘Flower Power’ was chosen by the Royal Academy selection panel which included contemporary artist Wolfgang Tillmans, recently on show at Tate Modern. Her work was selected from over 1200 entries to be one of the 49 shown. The Royal Academy Summer A-Level Exhibition is taking place 13 June – 20 August.

Maddy Welch, Year 13 - 2015
Our aim is for all students to leave their lessons with more than simply technical skills. We hope that they will be inspired to develop an increased use of their imagination whilst also improving their knowledge, by means of contextual study. We encourage them to learn to question beyond what is simply superficial.

Through the communication of ideas and feelings, Art is a language which complements more scientific, mathematical or factually based subjects. The method by which we and our students work, demand individual initiative and independence, thereby promoting personal responsibility and self-discipline. We are promoters of independent learners and continually focus on developing the wide range of resources and experiences on offer to our pupils. Enjoyment, together with increased self-esteem and confidence lie at the core of our initiative. The very nature of our subject also supports students’ intellectual, emotional and social development. Art enriches the curriculum by promoting creativity and cultural awareness for all pupils. This is of particular importance in our present society where this curriculum area can act as a strong cohesive force to nurture spiritual, aesthetic, intellectual and moral values in the lives of our young people.

Emphasis on Fine Art

At Camp Hill Girls’ School, the emphasis is on Fine Art. In Years 7 & 8, students’ work is characterised by the need to understand the reality surrounding them. These are fundamental years, when students receive a strong grounding in the basic skills of drawing, painting, printing, 3D work, mixed media and design. Year 8 and 9 students are encouraged to discover that Art can convey personal and significant meaning. They are lead more thoroughly through the creative process in order to finally realise their intentions via an exciting and varied skills based programme. The study of artists’ work is incorporated into all projects and students are taught to articulate fluently in their responses and analyses.

The standard of GCSE and A Level work regularly results in exceptionally sensitive and individual artwork, and the work of our students is celebrated through the vibrant displays, both within the department and around the school.

Each summer we hold an annual exhibition across our Art rooms and The Studio to celebrate the achievements of our A Level students. This is a prestigious event which fellow pupils, family members, staff, governors and visitors are invited to attend. Students who are intending to study Art and Design at Higher Education are usually required to demonstrate their skills by means of an extensive portfolio of their own, and as departmental staff we have accumulated a great deal of experience Post-16 and Post-18 in order to support such pupils in their endeavours. Art students who have studied with us have pursued careers in (including but not limited to) Architecture, Medicine, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design and Fashion. Visits to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, National Portrait Gallery (BP Portrait Award) and The Royal Academy of Arts are organised every year. We plan an international trip approximately once every three years and also arrange additional workshops, gallery visits and practical sessions around the needs of our students. Lunchtime and after school sessions are offered throughout the school week, providing further opportunity for students to take advantage of the facilities and expertise offered by the department. We take pride in maintaining links with the wider community through entering students’ work into local and national competitions and exhibitions. Please feel welcome to browse through our virtual Art Galleries covering a selection of student work from Year 7 to Year 13.

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