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Art and Design

Our vision in the Art department is to equip students with innovative and imaginative ways of seeing the world around them.


We aim to inspire our students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the natural world...


Chemistry is the study of the composition and properties of matter.


Whatever your chosen academic or career
direction, you will need to use computers.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology encourages students to express their creativity and analytical skills through a range of varied projects.


Drama is a growing part of the school curriculum with lessons delivered to all Key Stage 3 students on a weekly basis.


Economics A level offers you the chance to study the key areas of Economics.


Pupils are helped to become fluent writers who can use language with flair.



We aim to provide our students with sound conceptual understanding and the vital skills of historical analysis.


Mathematics is a challenging and exciting subject, often described as ‘exercise for the brain’.

Modern Foreign Languages

This unique, expertly-staffed and forward-thinking department offers pupils the in-depth study of two modern languages alongside extensive extracurricular provision.


“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department develops the self-esteem, dignity and respect of all members of the school community.


It involves the study of the Universe, from huge galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles.


The study of Government and Politics will help any student develop a range of analytical skills.


Psychology is a thought-provoking, challenging and exciting subject.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies is for all pupils, of all abilities, background, of all faiths and none.

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