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We are living through truly historic times and the COVID-19 pandemic is already making history – it’s something that children in schools across the world will be learning about well into the future.

We would therefore like to suggest that you and your family keep a daily record of what is happening in your lives – how you are coping with the considerable changes to your routines, the difficulties you are facing, but also the positives, including an overwhelming sense of community togetherness.

Here is an example of a blank COVID-19 Time Capsule document that you could complete as part of your record.

Another suggestion to help us, our families, friends and neighbours make our way through this challenge, is the ‘Power of Kindness Calendar’ from British Red Cross.
Here is a blank Kindness Calendar for you to fill in.

You could make your record in lots of different ways, for example a short video, a written diary, a piece of art or you could even compose a piece of music.

Be creative in your record of the day to day things that are happening in your home, and document how you and your family are keeping yourselves entertained, educated and most importantly healthy, both physically and mentally. Making a daily record might also help support the well-being of your whole family, and provide an important outlet to talk about some of the challenges.

This day by day account will also be invaluable for our future relatives. In years to come people will be asking us what it was like to live through the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, and records such as these will provide important evidence for historians and anyone interested in understanding the impact of the virus.

Please note, this is NOT being set as homework and there is no expectation for you to bring anything into school. This is for you and your family to benefit from.