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In KS4, we aim to support students in achieving their potential at GCSE and encourage them in becoming responsible citizens as they consider their future role in society.

The PSHE course covers the following aspects:

  • economic well-being and financial capability
  • planning for the future and strategies for success, including revision skills and Higher Education aspirations
  • personal well-being, relationships and making safer choices
  • citizenship, including democracy rights and responsibilities
  • moral  issues and celebrating culture
  • community participation

As an additional, practical exercise in citizenship, all year 10 students are involved in planning and organising a party for senior citizens. This provides a great deal of fun and the opportunity to develop new skills, work with others and relate to older members of the community.  At the start of Year 11 students are given both general and personalised guidance regarding Post 16 choices in education.

The students also benefit from a conference designed to provide a change from their usual routine which includes workshops covering a variety of work-life balance activities.

We aim to nurture the relationships between home and school. Our team of coordinators and tutors have a strong vision both for the academic as well as the pastoral welfare of the pupils.

Non-Examined Assessment Guidance 2019-2020

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