Years 7 – 8

The transition to KS3 is an exciting stage in the educational journey

At Camp Hill we aim to ensure every student has the chance to maximise their potential and lay the foundations for future learning. In Year 7 and 8 pupils are encouraged to discover independence and become part of the school community through extra-curricular activities, especially representation in sport, music, drama and debating. There are also a variety of tutor group and house events. There are a variety of subject based trips both locally and further afield.

Year 7 Marking and Feedback Trials 2018-19

Based upon considerable research and work over the last term, and following discussions with a number of other local schools, we are trialing a revised approach to marking and feedback with Year 7 from September 2018. The key differences compared to our current marking policy include:

  • Adopting a flexible approach to homework, allowing teaching staff the discretion to set homework only as required
  • Adopting a ‘no homework’ policy during school holidays in Year 7, to support the wellbeing of both students and staff
  • The use of a wider range of strategies with which to provide feedback to students, and a focus on more immediate forms of feedback (please refer to The Feedback Toolkit enc.)

One of the key aims of our work in school is to ensure that the marking and feedback we provide has impact and is given in a timely fashion.

Please find links to the draft Marking and Feedback and Homework Policies, along with Appendix A: The Feedback Toolkit. Please note: These are draft policies, to be reviewed at the end of the academic year 2018/19. Following further consultation with staff, there have been some minor changes from the draft copies sent to parents at the end of the summer term 2017/18.

  • Draft Marking and Feedback Policy 2018-2019 Download
  • Draft Homework Policy 2018-2019 Download
  • Draft Appendix A: The Feedback Toolkit Download
    • Year 9

      Year 9 is the year of GCSE choices

      The girls receive advice and guidance in respect of their GCSE choices, from their subject teachers and also through our annual Options Evening.

      The PSHE programme in Year 9 covers the following aspects: Health Education, Citizenship, Emotional Resilience and Information, Advice and Guidance. Year 9 also enter the Birmingham Civic Society Awards: the next Generation, where in teams they have to devise a project to improve the lives of young people in Birmingham. We are delighted that our students have won this award for the last four years.

      We aim to nurture the relationships between home and school. Our team of Key Stage Coordinators and Form Tutors have a strong vision both for the academic as well as the pastoral welfare of the pupils.

Assessment, Reporting and Recording Guides for Parents 2018-2019

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